Alternative Solutions focus on identifying and mitigating ESG risks and opportunities throughout the portfolio by employing a clearly delineated ESG framework.

The framework recognizes the fact that our fiduciary responsibility of producing the highest risk-adjusted returns for our investors and focuses on topics which have material impact on financial outcomes or operating performance. These items were integrated into the investment process when choosing Makena as a partner.

Within this framework Alternative Solutions key principles include:

  • Understanding the unique ESG considerations across geographies and for each strategy and sector
  • Establishing an open dialogue with Makena on ESG best-practices and encourage the adoption and implementation of responsible investment criteria
  • Regularly engaging with our network (external managers, peers, colleagues, investors etc.) on responsible investing to raise awareness, share our knowledge and improve our capabilities

Alternative Solutions and Makena work in accordance with the global initiative for investors, PRI – Principles for Responsible Investments and has formally undertaken this by signing a commitment to follow the principles and report on the company’s work. The principles are followed at all stages of the organization’s administration and reporting is done annually to PRI.