Alternative Solutions offer bespoke investment solutions within alternatives. The product portfolio currently contains unique top-tier investments in three evergreen funds: Buyout, Venture Capital and US Real Estate.

The funds are structured in a way best described as:

  • Evergreen structures (perpetual fund of funds) where investors buy in to a mature portfolio coupled with a commitment for future investments. A complete program for long term alternative exposure.
  • Well diversified across vintages, geographies and sectors. Investments are exclusively made with access constrained top-tier fund managers.
  • Investors get desired NAV with corresponding returns from day one. A solution that removes the J-curve and enhances returns.
  • The mature state of the funds generate distributions from day one. These are either sent back to investors as tax-exempt dividends under the Swedish participation exemption regime (“näringsbetingade andelar”) or used to fuel additional investments in the funds.

Alternative Solutions invest in the asset classes on our investors behalf through Makena Capital, an investor organisation sprung out of the Stanford and Harvard Endowment. The team at Makena have a 15-year track record and decades more when including their tenure at Stanford and Harvard. The long-term commitment and relationships created over time have proven important in achieving meaningful access to many leading alternative asset managers.