Carnegie Private Equity Solution

Carnegie Private Equity Solution

Invests in top tier, access constrained, private equity managers.

About the Fund

A portfolio investing in access constrained top-tier small and medium sized buyout funds. Proven track record since 2006 with an ambition to continuously outperforming public indices with at least 300 bps.

The fund is well diversified:

  • Across geographies. Its primary geographic focus being U.S. and Europe with a secondary focus in emerging markets (China and India predominantly).
  • Across sectors. Healthy balance of sector diversification with a tilt towards health and tech.
  • Across vintages. 16 years of vintage diversification reduce volatility and give the portfolio a predictable cash flow profile.
Compelling Benefits

The mature structure allows investors that are seeking to increase their exposure to private equity / buyout assets to be fully invested in mature private assets from the outset, effectively skipping the 8-10 year buildout period typically experienced by investors or fund managers constructing a new portfolio.

Fund Facts

Fund Managers25

Fund TypesSmall/Medium Buyout


GeographiesNorth America, Europe and China/India