Carnegie Venture Fund

Carnegie Venture Fund

Invests in top tier, access constrained, venture capital managers.

About the Fund

Carnegie Venture Fund is an Evergreen Venture Capital fund of fund which provides investors with the opportunity to invest in a mature top quartile portfolio. The fund offers investors access to a top-quartile portfolio with long (+16 years) track-record revealing that the ambition to outperform public indices with at least 500 bps over time is well met.

The fund seeks scale positions with a limited number of established firms, while balancing this exposure with a larger number of smaller investments with newer firms. Carnegie Venture Fund has access to world leading tech companies proven by the strong IPO pipeline the last five years exemplified by Uber, Baidu, Snowflake, Doordash and Airbnb.  

Compelling Benefits

  1. The fund is designed to enable an investor seeking to increase exposure to venture capital assets to be fully invested in mature private assets from the outset.
    Building a well-diversified venture capital portfolio from scratch takes several years, often with negative returns in the early years while the portfolio reaches maturity.
  2. Venture capital, as an asset class, is one of the most access constrained with the elite managers raising small pools of capital. Furthermore, most of the leading venture capital managers have built a reliable and consistent investor base over the years, effectively minimizing most or all of the natural turnover of the investor base. This provides a huge advantage to incumbent asset managers who have developed long-term relationships with the leading firms over the years.
  3. Venture capital investing does not lend itself to market timing and rewards patience and a long-term approach.
    Leading private companies can take years to build and many of today’s leaders were founded years ago with the support of venture capital funding.

Fund Facts

Fund Managers45

Fund TypesSeed, Early Stage, Growth Equity


GeographiesNorth America, Europe and China/India